-The Elephant in the Room-

Strong, independent, always seen,The elephant in the room, it feels like it’s me. With a rough exterior and the thickest of hide, so much room for emotions inside. A complex beauty, only noticed by few, the elephant lives with a clear and vast view. Attempts to blend in, to the things that surround, shattering the earth when putting intentions to ground. It’s with purpose and grace but nobody knows it, the elephant may appear hard, lonely, or stoic. With a calmness inside and clear path ahead, the elephant carries on with passion and intent. For the future is hers to bring the visions to light, there is only herself and her insides to fight. An intricate being often grey only seen, with substance as great as the deepest depths of the sea. Maybe it isn’t all bad to be ‘grey’, perhaps it is even better this way. With a lifetime ahead and the power to be free, I am proud to say that the elephant in the room, is me. By: Emily Harper