-The C Word-

A word kept in silence, bonded by fear.

Too often spoken with hesitation and tears

A fragile thing, that’s stronger than steal

Leaving you wondering why, and if it is real

Scary, terrifying, confusing and wrong

Can’t find the answers, or where you belong

Sadness, confusion and anger surround

Is it a cruel joke, or something profound?

Trapped and vulnerable

Sick and sad

Looking at everyone, you’re friends, your family, your mom, your dad

You’re surrounded and helpless, thinking who will it be

Well I chose you, because I thought you could beat me

I enjoy a good challenge and knew you would fight

Not disappointed at you proving me right

Apologies are due cause I took you too soon

That game we were playing, became to real, ending in gloom

You sat there lost and found in the same

Not knowing what, or who to blame

Shedding some tears and laughing in vein

Wondering why you would deserve such pain

Well, you don’t, you didn’t, it just kind of happens

When I first showed up, I thought that we’d be friends

It’s a hard job being busy 24/7

Sending beautiful people like you up to heaven

It’s a full time job, that I wish wasn’t mine

Taking your loved ones before their time

Watching you grow, as I silently grow inside

Your strength endures, and breaks my pride

You fight me because you’re forced, without hesitation

You register the facts, and sudden realizations

Excepting the fact that I’m evil and hated

Gaining your strength would make me elated

This is the reason I take people like you

Not to be aggressive, abusive or cruel

My goal is to send these people above

To join forces with strength, and with love

To one day break me down to the disgust that I am

To one day rise and take my hand

Not above, no, send me below

Send me away as far as I could go

The strength combined will ultimately win

And one day I will be engulfed in my own sins

Your footprints in time and memories in frame

It appears you’ve beat me at my own game

Maybe I’m jealous of all that care

Of the love that surrounds you and that beautiful hair

Well I’ll take that too, and then you’ll be sad

But not as much as you will be mad

Mad that before you cared so much

Mad that I can take it, and now you can’t touch

Mad that I have control over your whole body

But not letting me make your mind all foggy

Your thinking clearer and being strong for others

Trying to convince it will be okay to your mother

You drift away, on my clock and time

I sit here thinking I won and your mine

As you head up above to the place you belong

I realize I have lost and that I was wrong

Wrong to take you and wrong to have tried

Wrong to make everyone around you cry

Wrong to have behaved in the way that I did

I should be locked up and thrown off the grid

I’m sorry to all and everyone I’ve affected

One day my destruction will be corrected

All I can say, is that this is the worst job in the world

But how can you be mad at me?? I’m just a word.


By: Emily Harper