Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to LadyHunterBear Sites. 

Hi all, and thanks for stopping by 🙂 I have decided to create this blog as a place to share some of my personal content.  From thought provoking stories, to personal strategies and struggles with anxiety, battles with chronic pain, health and fitness challenges and successes, cooking, humor, poetry and more.   The personal content I am sharing, is just that, it is personal.  The opinions I share are straight from brain to blog (maybe some paper, pens and edits in between).  My immediate goal is to provide engaging content that is fun to read or look at.  I have found that reading relatable content over the past few years, has drastically improved my forward mindset, and would be thrilled to provide that positive impact to someone else… maybe even you!  I hope at the very least, you have fun while you’re here  😀